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Diff of /psiconv/trunk/lib/psiconv/parse.h

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35typedef psiconv_list psiconv_buffer; /* of u8 */ 35typedef psiconv_list psiconv_buffer; /* of u8 */
36 36
37extern psiconv_file_type_t psiconv_file_type(psiconv_buffer buf, 37extern psiconv_file_type_t psiconv_file_type(psiconv_buffer buf,
38 int *length, 38 int *length,
39 psiconv_header_section *result); 39 psiconv_header_section *result);
41/* Parses a Psion file. If its return-value is non-zero, something has
42 gone horribly wrong (badly corrupted file, or out of memory, usually),
43 and *result is undefined and unallocated; in normal cases, memory is
44 allocated to it and it is up to you to free it (using psiconv_free_file;
45 this is valid even if (*result)->file equals NULL).
46 Note that (*result)->file may be NULL if this file type is unknown
47 or unsupported! */
40extern int psiconv_parse(const psiconv_buffer buf,psiconv_file *result); 48extern int psiconv_parse(const psiconv_buffer buf,psiconv_file *result);
41 49
42#ifdef __cplusplus 50#ifdef __cplusplus
43} 51}
44#endif /* __cplusplus */ 52#endif /* __cplusplus */

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