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Sat Dec 4 21:46:45 1999 UTC (20 years, 8 months ago) by frodo
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(Frodo) Final commit for 0.6.1

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1 7mþŸUûp 
2 dÈ"Times New RomanN123O*Koptekst 1L ð
3 < *Koptekst 2Lð ð
4 < *Koptekst 3L *OpsomtekenO³•Swissÿÿÿÿh3r h3r ÐР \cefd\cDefLdý‚.ÆA[Word File]Word FileWord files start with a «Header Section» which starts with the following codes:Offset Size Data Description0000 «ID» 37 00 00 10 UID1: Header Section layout0004 «ID» 6D 00 00 10 UID2: File kind0008 «ID» 7F 00 00 10 UID3: Application ID000C L FE 9F 08 55 UID4: Checksum of UID1, UID2 and UID 30010 «Section Table Offset Section»0014The «Section Table Section» may contain the following sections, usual in the given order.Identifier Section Always foundCD 00 00 10 Offset of the «Password Section» No43 02 00 10 Offset of «Word Status Section» Yes04 01 00 10 Offset of the «Word Styles Section» Yes05 01 00 10 Offset of the «Page Layout Section» Yes06 01 00 10 Offset of the «Text Section» Yes43 01 00 10 Offset of the «Text Layout Section» No89 00 00 10 Offset of the «Application ID Section» YesThe «Password Section» is only found in encrypted documents. Only the «Text Section» is actually encrypted if it is found.If a «Text Layout Section» is not present, all text defaults to style Normal with no futher layout.ð"Times New Roman " Courier New  " Courier Newð  " Courier New ð"Times New Roman 
5 P3',<$Z)2366058{d
6 @"Arialð"Times New Roman  " Courier New " Courier NewYð " Courier New(  " Courier New " Courier New`ð"Times New Romanð"Word.app C"yCF‰î


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