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Sun Mar 11 19:58:18 2001 UTC (19 years, 5 months ago) by frodo
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(Frodo) Last updates for 2.7

1 7mþŸU>”
2 dÈ"Times New RomanN123O*Koptekst 1L ð
3 < *Koptekst 2Lð ð
4 < *Koptekst 3L *OpsomtekenO³•Swissÿÿÿÿh3r h3r ÐР \cefd\cDefLdý‚.ÆAá[Sheet Info Section]Sheet InfoSectionThis is a very short but relatively badly understood section Data Description B Always 02 ? X Unknown (document version number?) B bit 0: auto recalculation on (1) or off (0), bit 1: always 1 ?  ð"Times New Romanð  " Courier New =(D @"Arial ð"Times New Roman  " Courier New  " Courier New"Word.app C"yCú‰1


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