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Sun Oct 3 21:10:47 1999 UTC (21 years ago) by frodo
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1 7mþŸU%¨ 
2 dÈ"Times New RomanN123O*Koptekst 1L ð
3 < *Koptekst 2Lð ð
4 < *Koptekst 3L *OpsomtekenO³•Swissÿÿÿÿh3r h3r ÐР \cefd\cDefLdý‚.ÆAÝ[Section Table Section]Section Table SectionExcept for the «Header Section», no section starts at a predetermined offset. Instead, this section contains a table with the offsets of all other major sections. What sections are mentioned here depends on the kind of file.This sections consists of one «BListL» of pairs of longs: the first long is an «ID» containing the section identifier, the second is the «Offset» within the file.In some cases, a simplified form of this section is found, with just one long in the «BListB». This is the offset of the only section in the file, and is not marked by a identifier.Identifier Section52 00 00 10 Offset of the «Record Section»7D 00 00 10 Offset of the «Sketch Section»85 00 00 10 Offset of the «TextEd Section»87 00 00 10 Offset of the Comms Section89 00 00 10 Offset of the «Application ID Section»CD 00 00 10 Offset of the «Password Section»04 01 00 10 Offset of the «Word Styles Section»05 01 00 10 Offset of the «Page Layout Section»06 01 00 10 Offset of the «Text Section»43 01 00 10 Offset of the «Text Layout Section»43 02 00 10 Offset of «Word Status Section»  " Courier New "Times New Romanð"Times New Roman " Courier New᣶,,,)4.11*1-@"Arialð"Times New Roman  " Courier New " Courier New"Word.app C"yCy‰


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