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Sat Dec 4 21:46:45 1999 UTC (20 years, 2 months ago) by frodo
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(Frodo) Final commit for 0.6.1

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1 7mþŸU
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3 dÈ"Times New RomanN123O*Koptekst 1L ð
4 < *Koptekst 2Lð ð
5 < *Koptekst 3L *OpsomtekenO³•Swissÿÿÿÿh3r h3r ÐР \cefd\cDefLdý‚.ÆA‰[Paint Data Section]Paint Data SectionThis section contains all the data of a picture. Size Description L Size of «Paint Data Section» (including this long) L Offset within «Paint Data Section» of pixel data. Always 28 00 00 00 ? L X Size of picture in dots L Y Size of picture in dots «Length» XSize of the picture in twips. 00 00 00 00 means unspecified. «Length» Y Size of the picture in twips. 00 00 00 00 means unspecified. L Number of bits in a dot. Usually 02 00 00 00 L Always 00 00 00 00 ? L Always 00 00 00 00 ? L 01 00 00 00 if RLEencoded, 00 00 00 00 if plain data L (CA) Always FF FF FF FF ? L (Ca) Always 44 00 00 00 ? Pixel dataThe two longs marked (Opt) are only found in a «Clip Art File». Their use is unknown. They are not included in the size of the section (first long) and the offset of the pixel data(second long): you should add 8 to both of them.RLE encoding consists of sequences of marker bytes with data bytes. A marker byte of 00 to 7F means that the next byte should be repeated that many times and once more. A marker byte of 80 to FF means that (100-marker) bytes of data follow.Though all lines have the same length, this length can be a little larger than the picture X size. The remaining padding should be discarded. The length of a line is always a whole number of bytes (after RLEdecoding).Each byte can encode several pixels. The number of bits per pixel is usualy 2, and I presume only values of 1, 2, 4 and 8 are valid. If others are valid, I do not know how they are exactly stuffed into bytes.If the number of bits per pixel equals 2 (I never saw a file wich had another value), each byte encodes four pixels. A pixel is two bits wide, and can range from black to invisible: Value Color 0 Black 1 Dark grey 2 Light grey 3 InvisibleThe lowest two bits are for the leftmost pixel, the highest two bits are for the rightmost pixel: Bits Pixel 0,1 Leftmost 2,3 Left middle 4,5 Right middle 6,7 Rightmostð " Courier New "Times New Roman  " Courier New"18LII2; çñÛѶ b
6  @"Arial " Courier New0ð"Times New Roman " Courier New " Courier New  " Courier New " Courier New
7   " Courier New  " Courier New  " Courier Newð   " Courier New " Courier New " Courier New"Word.app C"yCä ‰ø


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