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Wed Feb 4 11:35:35 2004 UTC (16 years, 5 months ago) by frodo
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(Frodo) Format documentation work

  * Uploaded newest Format documentation
  * Split generate_html.sh into xhtml and html4 specific versions
  * Changed gen_xhtml and gen_html4 to combine spans that have the
    same layout codes
  * Changed gen_xhtml and gen_html4 not to emit empty spans

1 7mþŸUL
2 h”
3 dÈ"Times New RomanN123O*Koptekst 1L ð
4 < *Koptekst 2Lð ð
5 < *Koptekst 3L *OpsomtekenO³•Swissÿÿÿÿh3r h3r ÐР \cefd\cDefLdý‚.ÆAy[Page Layout Section]Page Layout SectionThis section describes the general page layout, its headers and its footers.Below the structure of this section is shown. Size Data Description L Page number of first page L «Length» Distance of header from the top of the page L «Length» Distance of footer from the bottom of the page L «Length» Left margin width L «Length» Right margin width L «Length» Distance of first line from the top of the page L «Length» Distance of last line from the bottom of the page «Page Header» Header «Page Header» Footer L «ID» Always FD 00 00 10 or 0E 01 00 10 ? L «Length» Page width L «Length» Page heightMost items are self-explanatory. Of course,the header and footer must fit within the top and bottom margins.[Page Header]Page HeaderBoth header and footer data are as follows. Note that, due to the use of a lot of identifiers, it might be permitted to order the elements slightly different. As it is not clear what kinds of reshufflings are right, I have choosen to just present them in the order found. Size Data Description B Empty section (00) or with content (01) B Header/footer displayed on first page (00) or surpressed (01) 3B Unknown: always 00 00 00 ?(*) «Paragraph Layout List» Base style definition(*) «Character Layout List» Base style definition ?(*) «TextEd Section»If the first byte equals 00, the (*)-marked parts are not present.The base style definition probably defines a sort of Normal style for all text and layout in this section.ð"Times New Roman " Courier New  " Courier New " Courier Newð"Times New Romanð#M.!9< =?0m 2H&35Ck
6 @"Arialð"Times New Roman  ð"Times New Roman ð"Times New Roman"Word.app C"yC ‰?


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