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Revision 216 Revision 221
30indexfile=$outputdir/index 30indexfile=$outputdir/index
31tempdir=$outputdir/.temp 31tempdir=$outputdir/.temp
32mkindex=$basedir/formats/index_html.sh 32mkindex=$basedir/formats/index_html.sh
33index=$tempdir/index 33index=$tempdir/index
34mkdef=$basedir/formats/xhtml_links.sh 34mkdef=$basedir/formats/xhtml_links.sh
35 36
36 37
37echo "Going to create the intermediate files..." 38echo "Going to create the intermediate files..."
38rm -rf $tempdir 39rm -rf $tempdir
39mkdir $tempdir 40mkdir $tempdir
40for file in "$@"; do 41for file in "$@"; do
41 echo "Going to process $file..." 42 echo "Going to process $file..."
42 outputfile=$tempdir/`basename $file|sed s,'.psi$','.html,'` 43 outputfile=$tempdir/`basename $file|sed s,'.psi$','.html,'`
43 echo $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -o $outputfile -Txhtml -eASCII $file 44 echo $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -c $config -o $outputfile -Txhtml -eASCII $file
44 $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -o $outputfile -Txhtml -eASCII $file 45 $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -c $config -o $outputfile -Txhtml -eASCII $file
45done 46done
46 47
47echo "Going to produce the index..." 48echo "Going to produce the index..."
48( 49(
49 cd $tempdir 50 cd $tempdir

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