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Revision 149 Revision 221
5basedir="$1" 5basedir="$1"
6outputdir="$2" 6outputdir="$2"
7shift 7shift
8shift 8shift
9 9
10libtool=$basedir/libtool 10libtool="$basedir/libtool"
11psiconv=$basedir/program/psiconv/psiconv 11psiconv="$basedir/program/psiconv/psiconv"
12 13
13for file in "$@"; do 14for file in "$@"; do
14 echo "Going to process $file..." 15 echo "Going to process $file..."
15 outputfile=$outputdir/`basename $file|sed s,'.psi$','.ascii',` 16 outputfile=$outputdir/`basename $file|sed s,'.psi$','.ascii',`
16 echo $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -o $outputfile -Tascii $file 17 echo $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -c $config -o $outputfile -Tascii $file
17 $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -o $outputfile -Tascii $file 18 $libtool --mode=execute $psiconv -o $outputfile -Tascii $file
18done 19done

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