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Wed Feb 4 15:28:56 2004 UTC (16 years, 2 months ago) by frodo
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(Frodo) Documentation updates. Removed fatals.

1 Starting with psiconv 0.9.0, all strings are internally represented using
2 Unicode, with the UCS2 encoding. This encodes every Unicode codepoint with
3 a 16-bit unsigned integer.
5 The codepoints 0x06 to 0x0f are treated specially. They are not translated,
6 and keep their Psion-specific meanings:
7 0x06: New paragraph
8 0x07: New line
9 0x08: Hard page
10 0x09: Tab
11 0x0a: Unbreakable tab
12 0x0b: Unbreakable hyphen
13 0x0c: Potential hyphen
14 0x0d: Unknown
15 0x0e: Object placeholder
16 0x0f: Visible space

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