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Sun Nov 23 21:47:24 2003 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by frodo
File size: 4017 byte(s)
(Frodo) Embedded object generation works!

Not too useful though, we also need sketch or sheet generation; the only thing
actually working at the moment is embedding word docs within word docs.
Oh well. It's a good start.

1 0.9.0 200311?? New major library version number. Parse Changes are mostly in
2 psiconv_sketch_section definition. If you parse images,
3 you will have to take a quick look there. Others should
4 be safe (unless they use routines in parse_routines.h or
5 gen_routines.h; there have been a few minor changes there
6 too).
7 Support automake 1.6 and 1.7
8 Support autoconf-2.50 and up
9 Support ImageMagick 5.4.x and 5.5.x (API changed once again...)
10 Support Unicode output in psiconv program (Keita Kawabe)
11 Don't use features not present in plain sh (Keita Kawabe)
12 Clean up some automake-related stuff.
13 Format documentation is now installed too.
14 Debian build support
15 Embedded objects in Word are now properly parsed.
16 Embedded objects in Word are now properly generated.
17 0.8.3 20020129 Extended sheet parsing support in library:
18 all non-graph parts are now parsed.
19 Support autoconf-2.52, libtool-1.4.2 (needs patch!),
20 automake-1.5
21 Support ImageMagick-5.4.2-2 (older may not work)
22 Fix header/footer potential segfault
23 Fix large list-related memory leak and several smaller ones.
24 0.8.2 20010717 Some sheet parsing support in library, for from complete,
25 but good enough for basic Gnumeric support
26 Added autogen.sh
27 autoconf-2.50, automake-1.4-p4
28 0.8.1 20010110 New enum screenfont_t
29 New program rewrite in extra
30 Added psiconv_empty_* functions
31 Fixed a few minor generation bugs
32 0.8.0 20001228 Fixed style inheritance from Normal
33 Fixed warnings in layouts
34 Added generation routines to libpsiconv
35 Upgraded documentation to version 2.6
36 Fixed several minor parse-related issues
37 0.7.1 20001218 Maintenance release to be used with Abiword.
38 Set proper interline defaults.
39 0.7.0 20001215 Made libpsiconv C++ compatible.
40 general.h is now installed properly (oops...)
41 Revamped package directory structure and files.
42 Include files contain now the correct paths.
43 Fixed a nasty typo; larger files should now work.
44 It seems psiconv_verbosity was never defined.
45 Added message printing hook for applications to capture.
46 All result codes are now tested, library is much more robust.
47 Some internal data fields have been renamed.
48 0.6.2 20001021 ImageMagick 5 now works. I hope.
49 0.6.1 19991204 Added Clipart files. Several pictures in one file are now
50 handled correctly.
51 0.6.0 19991202 Renamed HTML to HTML3. Images can be handled through the
52 ImageMagick library. Moved the generation routines out of
53 libpsiconv.
54 0.5.0 19990930 Automake, autoconf and libtool support. No functional changes.
55 One small bug squashed in the parser.
56 0.4.0 19990812 First release of libpsiconv. It now supports Word and
57 TextEd files. Many internal things have changed, including
58 the names of many functions.
59 Renamed TEXT format to ASCII, and the -t option to -T.
60 Psiconv is now linked against libpsiconv
61 0.3.0 19990711 New target formats HTML4 and TEXT
62 0.2.3 19990618 Nothing really.
63 0.2.2 19990618 Small bugfixes. Word Status Section now completely read.
64 0.2.1 19990614 Bug fix: No layout section needed in header/footer
65 0.2.0 19990614 Much better progress and debug reports
66 Page section now parsed (no HTML output for it though)
67 Some small bugs removed
68 0.1.0 19990610 Initial release

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