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Fri Dec 15 17:17:45 2000 UTC (19 years, 3 months ago) by frodo
Original Path: psiconv/trunk/TODO
File size: 905 byte(s)
(Frodo) All formats tested, with a little luck most problems are now caught

1 Data formats:
2 * Understand the password section
3 * Understand and document other file types (Data, Sheet, Agenda, etc)
5 Parser:
6 * Incorporate the replacement section. Stubs are already in place.
7 * Add additional file types.
8 * Add included objects
10 Psiconv Generators:
11 * HTML: Verify generated code, to see whether it is HTML-3.2 compatible
12 * HTML4: Fallback on normal HTML for TextEd files might be replaced with
13 true code. But is it worth it?
14 * RTF: Make it usable. Not nearly finished at the moment.
15 * IMAGE: support for special things like clipping is still lacking at the
16 generator side.
18 General:
19 * Many common values are returned as int. Perhaps change this to long,
20 for better behaviour on very large files on some architectures?
21 * Use libaudiofile for audio conversions?
22 * Add generation of audio files.
23 * Check all names with my english Psion, both in source code and in docs

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