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1 Starting with version 0.9.0, all applications linked against libpsiconv
2 (including the psiconv program in this package) will try to read a
3 configuration file psiconv.conf. It is sought for in PSICONVETCDIR
4 (--with-etcdir option in configure, defaults to PREFIX/etc) and in the
5 homedirectory of the current user. Programs can add other location to
6 this path. If more than one configuration file is found, they are all
7 read in order (first the one in PSICONVETCDIR, then the one in ~,
8 finally any additional locations added by the program), and settings in
9 later files overrule settings in earlier files.
11 In PSICONVETCDIR an example configuration file psiconv.conf.eg is always
12 installed. Older versions are overwritten. If no psiconv.conf file is
13 present, a copy one will be created from the psiconv.conf.eg file. Be
14 careful if you use DESTDIR to install at a temporary place, because it
15 will not find the psiconv.conf file and install a new one.

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