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Revision 325 Revision 368
15# Define this to 1 if you do not have the gettext routines 15# Define this to 1 if you do not have the gettext routines
17 17
18# For creating the archive 18# For creating the archive
19PACKAGE=getopt 19PACKAGE=getopt
20VERSION=1.1.4 20VERSION=1.1.5
22UNLIKELYNAME=a8vwjfd92 22UNLIKELYNAME=a8vwjfd92
23 23
24SHELL=/bin/sh 24SHELL=/bin/sh
25 25
27LD=ld 27LD=ld
28RM=rm -f 28RM=rm -f
29INSTALL=install 29INSTALL=install
30MSGFMT=msgfmt 30MSGFMT=msgfmt
31 31
32LANGUAGES = cs de es fr it ja nl pt_BR 32LANGUAGES = ca cs da de es et eu fi fr gl hu id it ja nl pl pt_BR ru sl sv tr uk vi zh_CN zh_TW
33MOFILES:=$(patsubst %,po/%.mo,$(LANGUAGES)) 33MOFILES:=$(patsubst %,po/%.mo,$(LANGUAGES))
34 34
35CPPFLAGS=-DLIBCGETOPT=$(LIBCGETOPT) -DWITHOUT_GETTEXT=$(WITHOUT_GETTEXT) -DLOCALEDIR=\"$(localedir)\" -DNOT_UTIL_LINUX -Dprogram_invocation_short_name=\"$(PACKAGE)\" -Dprogram_version=\"$(VERSION)\" 35CPPFLAGS=-DLIBCGETOPT=$(LIBCGETOPT) -DWITHOUT_GETTEXT=$(WITHOUT_GETTEXT) -DLOCALEDIR=\"$(localedir)\" -DNOT_UTIL_LINUX -Dprogram_invocation_short_name=\"$(PACKAGE)\" -Dprogram_version=\"$(VERSION)\"
36ifeq ($(LIBCGETOPT),0) 36ifeq ($(LIBCGETOPT),0)
37CPPFLAGS+=-I./gnu 37CPPFLAGS+=-I./gnu
103 $(RM) -r $(UNLIKELYNAME) 103 $(RM) -r $(UNLIKELYNAME)
104 mkdir $(UNLIKELYNAME) 104 mkdir $(UNLIKELYNAME)
105 ln -s .. $(UNLIKELYNAME)/$(BASENAME) 105 ln -s .. $(UNLIKELYNAME)/$(BASENAME)
106 cd $(UNLIKELYNAME) && tar cfvzp ../$(BASENAME).tar.gz --exclude='CVS' --exclude='*.tar.gz' --exclude=$(UNLIKELYNAME) $(BASENAME)/* 106 cd $(UNLIKELYNAME) && tar cfvzp ../$(BASENAME).tar.gz --exclude='CVS' --exclude='*.tar.gz' --exclude=$(UNLIKELYNAME) $(BASENAME)/*
107 $(RM) -r $(UNLIKELYNAME) 107 $(RM) -r $(UNLIKELYNAME)
109.PHONY: test
110test: all
111 ./run-tests

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